Founded in June 2008 by video game veteran Marc Cellucci, Mission One is based in Tokyo and focuses on two main business areas: software development (mainly focusing on smartphone app development) and the localization of Japanese entertainment content. Mission One strives to be something new in the Japanese software industry. A company that brings the Japanese sense of design and content to a worldwide market. A company that’s quick to embrace new technologies, and take risks on new ideas. A company that puts employees first, and offers a welcome respite from the grind typically associated with Japanese software companies. A company that combines the best aspects of global software development under one roof. At our company, delivering the best entertainment the world has to offer is Mission One.

Business Outline

1. Computer software development and production.
2. Web content development and production.
3. Entertainment content localization and consulting.

Marc Cellucci’s Biography

Marc is a veteran of the video game industry on both sides of the Pacific. He started at SEGA in 1999, where he worked on the Dreamcast Network, Sega.com, and SegaNet. After moving to Japan and gaining fluency in the language, he joined Koei in Japan as a Marketing Manager, and then returned to SEGA as a producer in the AM3 arcade division. His main work was on the Dinosaur King franchise, which includes arcade and handheld video games, television animation, and merchandising. In 2008, he left SEGA and founded Mission One.

Mission One, LLC
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Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
156-0043 JAPAN
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