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Hosokawa Family Eisei Bunko Collection

A collection of classic Japanese art, available on iPad.

P.S. Triple

Welcome to the world of P.S. Triple, where your favorite game consoles come to life as cute pop idols! This hit comic series from Japan features 100 comics, all lovingly translated and chock full of obscure gaming references. Try to catch 'em all!

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A Japanese database app from the '80s, reborn on iOS!

Fast Biz Listening

Save time with Fast Biz Listening -- an app that lets you change the playback speed of audiobooks and other speech-based audio files.

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An educational card game that teaches kids about safety issues.

AR DinosaurHunter ME!

Go on a fossil digging adventure! Assemble a Triceratops, a T-Rex, and more!

When I Grow Up! AR NinjaHero ME!

Welcome to the set of the "Ninja Hero" movie! You're the star of the show, and will enter enemy ninja bases, and defeat them with throwing stars! Transform yourself into a ninja, and fight for justice!

Manekko Eigo

Manekko Eigo is an educational app only available in Japan.

Typing Ghost

Typing Ghost is an educational typing game only available in Japan.

TAC Accounting Quiz

A Japanese-only accounting quiz application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Doraemon AR

An AR app starring Doraemon! Using a special coloring sheet, kids can color Doraemon any way they like, then use the app to bring the coloring to life in full 3D.

Initial D Paper Cup Challenge

An entertainment app that you play while driving a car! Based on the popular Initial D manga series, this app simulates a paper cup full of water, and your mission is drive carefully in order to not spill any water out of the cup.

My Mask

My Mask lets you use your iPad or iPad 2 to transform yourself into a totally different character. Just choose a character, put the iPad up to your face, and impress your friends with the new you. The character's mouth even moves in time with yours!

THE PIG ("touch ME!")

Japan's popular "THE PIG" photobook franchise has now arrived on iPhone and iPod Touch!

iElectric Fan

iElectric Fan is a fan simulator for iOS that provides a real-time voice changing effect that sounds just like talking into a fan!

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Japan Analytics

Japan Analytics is the most comprehensive mobile data source available on Japanese listed companies and is designed to help both individual and professional investors in their investment research process.

PacificBase Japan

Analytics on Japanese equities at your fingertips!

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Generation Tank

It's tanks vs giant insects in a battle for control of the world!


An online Poker app featuring Japanese music icon GACKT!


Gemaga brings a variety of "Game Magazine" titles (such as Noel: The Moral Fate) to your phone!


A fast-action shooting game, available only in Japan.

Robo Collection

An action game featuring tons of robot parts that you can mix-and-match!

Pretty Monster

A puzzle game featuring super-cute characters with a ferocious bite!

Run for Money

A 3D action game based on a Japanese TV show. More info coming soon!

Coin Carnival

Come join the party, with the cutest, wildest, most festive coin game ever!


Emoticons come alive in "Emotipon!" -- a simple, fast-paced puzzle game where you chain "emotigems" together to score big combos.

Scaffolding Tycoon

Scaffolding Tycoon is a Japanese-only simulation game that puts the player at the helm of a scaffolding construction company.

Toothbrush Hero

Toothbrush Hero is a new kind of tap-based action game, where your minty-fresh touch is the only thing that can save teeth from being eaten away by a host of nasty (but kind of cute) germs.

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Healthcare & Fitness

Prescription for Serenity

Metal Gear Solid series composer Norihiko Hibino produces follow up to his best-selling Prescription for Sleep wellness app and album series

Tapness: The Finger Fitness Tracker

Tapness is a musical take on a fitness tracker. As you play a musical instrument, or just tap your fingers on a desk to your favorite music, Tapness' advanced sound recognition will log each time you tap or play a note.

Prescription for Sleep 2

The sequel to the hit sleep aid app for iOS!

Prescription for Sleep

We live in a stressful world, where getting a good night's sleep can be a difficult thing. To combat this problem, the Hibino Sound Therapy Lab and Mission One have worked together to develop "Prescription for Sleep" for iPhone and iPod Touch.


An app designed to support parents of nursing babies while out and about in Japan.

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A Japan-only service that lets musicians and bands create iOS and Android apps with a simple Web interface.


Japan's latest music news, all in one place.

Motion Drum

Motion Drum is a drum simulator that lets you drum by simply waving your iPhone or iPod Touch in the air. No tiny buttons to tap; just take your device in hand and air drum in one of four different directions.

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Ever wanted to quickly hail a taxi cab in Japan, without waving your arms or waiting around for a long time? Then Taxil is the app for you!

Go! Tokyo PLUS

Updated! Go Tokyo PLUS is the ultimate app for helping you navigate around Tokyo using its efficient (yet complicated) transportation system.

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MTG Pocket

This app provides remote control of a PLUS copyboard, allowing you to scan and download content wirelessly from the copyboard. Drawings and text on the copyboard are saved in high-resolution, letting you view even the smallest details on your iOS device.

Word Word

Word World is a completely unique type of dictionary -- as it's one that you create yourself!

Executive iCoach: Goal2Action

Introducing the first iPhone application for coaching: Goal2Action. This breakthrough interactive coaching application helps you to effortlessly set and visualize powerful goals and take the necessary actions to achieve them.

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English-Spanish Dictionary

A dictionary targeted for English speakers working in the hydrocarbon industry; including natural gas handling, oil refineries, petrochemical, chemical fertilizers, and other related fields.

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Social Networking


A place to promote yourself to all of Japan. Buy, sell, and trade your wares here!

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My Announcer

My Announcer is an app that puts a pro sports commentator right in your pocket!

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Free Wifi Tokyo

Looking for free wifi connections for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or laptop? Why look yourself when we have done it for you? Free Wifi Tokyo features over 200 wifi spots in central Tokyo mapped out for you -- no internet connection required!

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CAL_ is the next evolution of calculators. Made especially for iPhone, it brings the venerable calculator to an all-new level.


A QR Code reader that downloads audio files for offline playback.

Triangular Scales

Triangular Scales brings the draftsman's "triangular scale" tool to your iPhone and iPod Touch.

Indicator Maniacs

Indicator Maniacs is an iPhone/iPod Touch app for the true indicator connoisseur. It features six different indicators, with designs and animations inspired by Japanese anime and science fiction.

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